The New Rules for Engaging Women at Work

End Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

The #MeToo Movement Has Changed the Way Men and Women Interact In the Workplace

"I can't have conversations with women, can't touch them, can't open doors for them and have to fear them because they can ruin my career or my life any time they want. I don't know what to do. It leaves me depressed." 

Stephen L. - Executive at Government Office

While the voices of women are growing stronger...

Men report feeling powerless, confused and afraid. This transition in power fueled by fear has created workplace tension that will negatively impact organizational cultures and productivity. 

We must support the mental health and safety of our workforce by providing men with a definitive standard of conduct to guide them in their interactions with women in the workplace. Men need clarity on connecting with their female colleagues without overstepping boundaries they habitually ignored. Men need explicit guidelines to measure their actions against which will eliminate their fear of crossing into the danger zone with women and allow women to feel safe in the workplace. Men need to learn The New Rules for Engaging Women At Work. 

The New Rules for Engaging Women at Work will inspire workplace harmony following the #MeToo Movement

The New Rules is a brief report that will relieve the tension between men and women in the workplace by:

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    Setting FIRM standards for men's interactions with women in the workplace
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    Outlining company policies designed to protect women from abuse in the workplace 
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    Explaining how our business culture suffers when men fear women
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    Providing specific engagement instructions for the workplace that include: Dealing with Conflict, Dating, Flirting, Performance Reviews, Sexual Harassment, Giving Compliments and Working With Female Leaders.

The strength of a company is measured by its ability to empower its employees to succeed. ~ The New Rules

Relieve the Tension in Your Company Culture

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Experience The New Rules for Engaging Women at Work Corporate Training For Workplace Harmony. Inspiring peace of mind and good will into progressive company cultures.

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Every business that receives 100% employee participation in the New Rules Training will receive a Workplace Harmony Certification.

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Teaching women how to become intentional leaders with wisdom, integrity and respect for the progress of society.

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